“I became interested in art at a very young age and art has been a part of my life ever since. There was a time in my life when art was set aside for a period of nine years while I served a term of military duty. After my enlistment ended, I attended college at night and worked full-time during the day. During this period, art was always on my mind and I read several art books such as the Time Life Art Series. Since that time I have continued to draw and paint. I maintained two professions for many years but at present I am a full-time artist.”

“My only formal art training occurred while I was in high school. I had an excellent instructor during my freshman year and throughout my junior year. After high school I continued to study and develop on my own.”

“From an early age I was drawn to Cubism and the artist Picasso. By studying Cubism and mainly Picasso, I developed my own style. Over the past several years and through to the present, one of my main subjects has been and still is, music. I have a great love for Blues and Jazz and I create from my moods and the feelings I experience while listening to music or just from my subconscious being.

My main medias are pen and ink and oil painting. I love them both and often render a subject in pen and ink as well as in oil painting. Every day I continue to study and produce artwork while reaching for newer dimensions.”

– Philemon Reid

The Art of Phil Reid